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ERAD-0001-9040 Smart Syringes

Each Smart Syringe is equipped with its own read/write chip with preset parameters, ranges and usage tracking. The syringe is automatically recognized by AOC-6000 Plus and all important parameters are automatically loaded. Every syringe can be traced over

c190-e206 Shim-pack™ HPLC Column Guidebook

Shim-pack™ series HPLC/UHPLC columns

High-speed Organic Acid Analysis Column: Shim-pack™ Fast-OA

Quick and easy monitoring of culture or fermentation processes

c146-e405A TORAST-H Vial Series

Low Adsorption Vial, suitable for Mass Spec.

C190-E294 Shim-pack HPLC Columns for Bioseparation

Columns suitable for Bioseparation.

c190-e221 Shimpack scepter

Hybrid Technology for Versatility and Superior Performance Broad pH tolerance (pH 1 to 12*) for use with a wide range of method conditions Eight stationary phases and Three column hardware types for extensive sample coverage Scalability from analytical

SGLC-APP-008 Application brief

Application brief for QUECHERS

SPE-013 SHIMSEN Sample Preparation Product Guidebook

QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged and Safe) was originally proposed by the US Department of Agriculture as a sample preparation method in 2003. It has been applied to a variety of sample preparations, especially for pesticide residue pretrea

LC Troubleshooting Tips

Handy guide to aid your LC troubleshooting.

GC Consumables - When to Replace?

This is a general guideline on how frequent you should replace your GC consumables.