Shimadzu SPME Arrow

Shimadzu takes SPME Arrows to the next technological level by combining trace-level sensitivity and high mechanical robustness with operational safety and full process traceability.

Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) is a solvent-free sample preparation technology. The arrows are either coated with a polymer, sorbent, or both. 
With the new smart technology, Shimadzu adds additional process safety and effectiveness. Each SPME Arrow has its chip for storing parameters, ranges, and usage. The new Shimadzu AOC-6000 plus reads the smart chip of the Arrow and displays the information for the device such as temperature resistance, usage history, and data and stroke count. Every Arrow can be traced over its complete lifetime.
All Smart SPME Arrows can be used with AOC-6000 and AOC-6000 plus (please note: smart function is only supported by AOC-6000 plus).

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