Shimadzu Solvent Caps, together with the connectors and the air valve, are the optimum solution for the removal of solvents.  They create a closed system to prevent hazardous vapors from entering the laboratory. Shimadzu Solvent Caps hermetically seal all laboratory bottles with GL45 thread and ensure safe inflow and outflow of HPLC solvents via capillaries with OD-ø 3.2 mm. Preventing tangling of tubes when caps are removed or fitted by allowing the inner body of the cap to rotate independently. Their chemical resistance allows sterilization and autoclaving up to 140 °C for soap-free operation. All Solvent Caps are supplied with air valve and capillary fitting.

Advantages of using SH-Solvent Satefy Caps: 

  1. Minimize solvent exposed to air
  2. Reduce risk of solvent contamination
  3. Reduce ambient air contamination
  4. Minimize evaporation of solvents
  5. Protect employee health and assets costs
  6. Easy to grip even with gloves


Specifications of SH-Solvent Satefy Caps: 

Made in Germany

Protect employee health and save costs

Save up to 168x of solvent cost and reduce solvent exposed in ambient air by using SH-Solvent Caps. Different sealing forms – Open bottle, aluminium foil, lid with bore and SH-Solvent Caps are tested,the amount of solvents evaporated are recorded. SH-Solvent Cap shows the least weight loss, indicating the least amount of solvent evaporated to ambient air.  Projected 1 year cost due to solvent evaporation is minimized!


Ordering Information

  1 Line Cap 2 Lines Cap 4 Lines Cap
Part Number




Consists of

1 Cap
1 Air valve + Flag
1 Fitting

1 Cap
1 Air valve + Flag
2 Fittings
1 Blind stopper

1 Cap
1 Air valve + Flag
4 Fittings
3 Blind stoppers




Air valve + flag

Blind stopper

Part Number




Pack size 2 pcs 10 pcs 10 pcs

Service life

6 months per piece

Change when necessary