GC Column Conditioning

Condition Column Before Use

To flush out residual contaminants at elevated temperature and make it fit for reliable use.


1.Connect the column to the GC inlet. Do not connect the column to the detector.
2.Set the GC oven to 40°C and purge column at this temperature for 10 - 40 minutes.
3.Set the temperature gradient to 10°C/min.
4.Program the oven either to 20 °C above the final temperature called for in the analysis or to the column's maximum ISOTHERMAL temperature — whichever is lower.
5.Once the upper temperature limit has been reached the column should be conditioned for the correct amount of time based on the dimensions and phase type.
6.With carrier gas still flowing, cool the oven, install a fitting and ferrule onto the detector end of the column, connect the column to the detector, and repeat steps 2-4.
Flow rates and time for purging capillary GC column
Conditioning time for capillary GC column

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