New Shim-pack™ Mix-HILIC for Metabolomics

Shimadzu has launched new Shim-pack™ Mix-HILIC for Metabolomics

Discontinuation of Shim-pack GPC-800D Series

Sales Termination of Shim-pack GPC-800D Series

Discontinuation of Shim-pack UC-X Series

Sales termination of the Shim-pack UC-X Series.

Discontinuation of Shim-pack SPR Series

Sales termination of the Shim-pack SPR Series.

Discontinuation of Shim-pack ISC-07/S 1504

Sales termination of the Shim-pack ISC-07 column for amino acid analysis.

Go 5X Faster with Shimadzu Low-Pressure GC-MS Analysis

• 3x faster than Fast GC column • 5x faster than standard GC column • Reduced analysis time means more sample throughput • Factory-coupled, leak-free LPGC Column kit • Integrated transfer line reduces background and stabilization time

New Shimadzu Hollow Cathode Lamps - WondaLamp !

Shimadzu has launched new hollow cathode lamp - WondaLamp Series!

Shimadzu Solution for Glycan Analysis

S-Bio O-Glycan analysis kit reduces O-Glycan sample preparation time from 3-4 days to 5 hours, with a low level of peeling product. Coupling with Shimadzu Shim-pack GIST-HP Amide column using HILIC mode separation gives excellent separation results.