July 20, 2022

Discontinuation of Shim-pack ISC-07/S 1504

Dear Customers,


Thank you for your continual support for consumables business.

We would like to announce the sales termination of the Shim-pack ISC-07 column for amino acid analysis.

Below are the affected part numbers and substitute part numbers:

P/N Description Substitute P/N  Description
228-00796-91 Shim-pack ISC-07/S 1504 Li type, 7um 4.0 x 150mm 228-18837-92 Shim-pack Amino-Li, 5um, 6.0 x 100mm
228-09328-91 Shim-pack ISC 07/S 1504 Na type, 7um 4.0 x 150mm 228-18837-91 Shim-pack Amino-Na, 5um, 6.0 x 100mm
228-00797-91 Shim-pack ISC-07 L1, GUARD COLUMN, 4.0 x 50mm     N.A.  


Please contact us if you need technical support to transfer to new column.


Best Regards,

Shimadzu Asia Pacific