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C18 Reverse Phase Columns in Singapore

High Performance Liquid Chromatography, or HPLC, is a common technique for separating, identifying and quantifying compounds in a liquid mixture. The column, packed with stationary phase particles, is where the separation of analytes occurs. Compounds are introduced into the column by an injector and carried through the column by the solvent (mobile phase), separating them by differential migration. There is a wide variety of HPLC column phases, with C18 reversed phase columns being the most widely used. Shimadzu offers a broad range of C18 columns such as polymeric bonded C18 columns, polar embedded C18 columns, organosilica hybrid C18 columns, core-shell C18 columns, and more to address different challenges you may encounter in your applications.

Understanding the Types ofReversed Phase HPLC Columns

Reversed phase HPLC columns are columns that have a non-polar stationary phase and are typically used with a polar mobile phase. There are multiple types of reversed phase columns, some of these include C18 (ODS), C8, C4, C1, phenyl, phenyl-hexyl, biphenyl, and pentafluorophenyl propyl (PFPP). Among the different types of reversed phase columns, the C18 columns are the most commonly used as they offer sufficient hydrophobic interaction to retain most organic molecules. A C18 column is typically packed with silica particles bonded on the surface with linear chain C18 groups. However, it is crucial to note that not all C18 columns are the same. They can differ in silica particle type, particle pore size, particle surface area, carbon loading, end-capping and bonding technology which can result in very different separation profiles for the same mixture of compounds.

Get C18 Columns in Singapore from Shimadzu

Finding a C18 column that is right for your application is important to ensure good sample separation and peak resolution. At Shimadzu, we provide a wide selection of reversed phase C18 HPLC columns to cater to your application needs. Shimadzu HPLC columns are manufactured and tested individually to ensure superior quality and inertness, giving you high precision in analysis and increased column durability. In addition, a highly reproducible symmetrical peak shape can be achieved even when analysing strong ionic compounds and difficult to absorb samples. Shimadzu also offers suitable C18 columns for the analysis of highly polar compounds under 100% aqueous mobile phase, with excellent retentivity.  

For other C18 columns selection, feel free to contact us. Alternatively, browse our range of HPLC columns and laboratory consumables at ShopShimadzu, and register for an account to purchase our products online.

Frequently Asked Questions About C18 Columns in Singapore

1. What isaC18 column?

The C18 column, also called Octadecylsilyl (ODS) column, is one of the most widely used reversed phase columns. C18 columns are packed with particles bonded with linear chain C18 groups. The C18 groups provide hydrophobic interaction with the analytes, allowing separation of compounds based on differences in hydrophobicity. At Shimadzu, we carry an extensive selection of C18 columns that meet your HPLC analysis requirements.

2. Can I use 100% aqueous mobile phase on the C18 column?

Not all C18 columns are stable to 100% aqueous mobile phase condition. Using a 100% aqueous mobile phase on a C18 column that cannot withstand such conditions will result in a phenomenon called phase collapse that damages the column. Some of Shimadzu’s C18 columns that are compatible with 100% aqueous conditions are Shim-pack Scepter C18, Shim-pack GIST C18-AQ, Shim-pack GIS RP-Shield and Shim-pack GISS C18.

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