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Vials for HPLC & Gas Chromatography (GC)

When performing chromatography, different types of sample vials are required based on sample volume, sample type, compound volatility, compound stability, and sensitivity of analysis. There are many types of sample vials available catered to different applications, such as clear vials for normal usage or amber vials for protecting the light sensitive analytes and compounds from UV light. Sample vials are also available in mass spec grade and help to reduce the adsorption of basic compounds on the surface of the glass vial, making them suitable for LCMS and GCMS analysis.

Getting the highest quality vials for your high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) analysis is crucial to ensure comprehensive and precise data on your samples. These vials also need to be compatible not only for the different samples you will be analysing but for your HPLC and GC instruments as well. If you’re looking for sample vials for your HPLC and GC applications, you can find what you need at ShopShimadzu.

We have GC vials that are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of gas chromatography analysis. These vials are manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with GC systems. Our GC vials provide exceptional inertness, minimal adsorption, and low background levels, enabling accurate and reliable analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds. 

On the other hand, we also offer HPLC vials that are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of HPLC analysis. These vials are made from high-quality, inert materials to prevent interactions between the sample and the vial, ensuring accurate and reproducible results. With precise manufacturing tolerances and consistent quality, our HPLC vials offer exceptional performance and compatibility with various HPLC instruments. We also offer HPLC columns that you may find useful in your application.

Sample Vials for Various Applications

Clear & Amber Vials

In most applications, transparent clear vials are used for holding samples. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including general laboratory use, sample storage, and sample preparation for analytical techniques. However, when you are handling samples that are sensitive to light, amber vials should be used to ensure their stability and integrity throughout your experiments. These sample vials are able to absorb a broad range of light waves from the light spectrum, preventing the UV light from degrading the sample and compromising it.

Whether you’re looking for clear vials for inspection or amber vials to protect light-sensitive compounds, we have just what you need. Made from high-quality, transparent glass, our clear vials allow for easy observation of sample characteristics, such as colour, clarity, and particulate matter. We also have amber vials that are specifically designed to protect light-sensitive samples from degradation caused by harmful UV rays. With its amber-coloured glass, they filter out a significant portion of UV and visible light, providing optimal protection for the light-sensitive compounds used for analysis and testing. 

Headspace Vials 

Headspace sampling is a sampling technique that is used in gas chromatography to analyse volatile compounds in the heavier sample matrix. Headspace vials are used to hold the samples for headspace sampling and injection either manually or using an autosampler. Different manufacturers will have different designs for autosamplers and therefore use different headspace vials designs. 

Shimadzu offers a variety of headspace vials that are compatible with autosamplers from different manufacturers. You can find vials that feature a specially designed headspace area, allowing for the analysis of gas-phase samples. We also offer headspace vials with precise design to ensure optimal sealing and minimise the risk of sample contamination. Our headspace vials are widely used in GC analysis and provide reliable results when examining volatile compounds. Find both flat and round bottle styles for various headspace instrument platforms.

Get GC & HPLC Vials in Singapore from Shimadzu

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier for sample vials in Singapore, Shimadzu is the brand you can trust. We’ve got various types of vials, caps, and septa in a wide range of volumes, dimensions and colours to best suit your needs. Our vials can be purchased separately or in a bundle with our vial kits.

Shimadzu has an extensive range of products that will help with HPLC and GC analysis, including vials for storage and sample analysis purposes. Purchase your laboratory consumables at ShopShimadzu today with instant quotations and easy tracking of your orders. 

Prevent contamination for your samples by using high-quality HPLC and GC vials from Shimadzu.They also come in different volumes ranging from 0.3ml to 2mL to 40mL. You can purchase other laboratory consumable from us as well, including reversed phase columns and GC columns. Get your supply of sample vials Shimadzu today. Register now and purchase our products online. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sample Vials

1. Can we reuse vials?

There’s no explicit rule that sample vials shouldn’t be reused. However, the amount of time and effort spent to clean the vials adds to the uncertainty of the vial cleanliness, and this is a major disadvantage that far exceeds the perceived benefits of reusing them. Overall, it is not recommended to reuse your sample vials as it may cause cross-contamination and affect the results of your experiments.

2. How to choose the right vial?

Choosing the right sample vial for HPLC and GC applications is crucial to ensure accurate and reliable results. The factors you need to consider when selecting a vial for your application are material, size and capacity, and closure type. The vial material you choose must be compatible with the sample and solvent so that you avoid any interactions or contamination. The vial should also be able to accommodate the required sample volume without wasting any space. Additionally, the vial closure should have an airtight seal to prevent evaporation or contamination.

3. Should I get an autosampler HPLC vial?

Ultimately, the decision to use an autosampler vial depends on your specific requirements and resources. However using an autosampler HPLC vial can offer several advantages, like efficiency and sample integrity. Autosamplers are designed to work seamlessly with automated injection systems, which enables high-throughput analysis with minimal manual intervention. It can optimise efficiency and productivity if you are processing a large number of samples. They also have excellent sealing properties, lessening the risk of sample contamination, evaporation, and loss during injection. Autosampler vials are also designed to fit precisely into the autosampler tray, ensuring proper alignment and reliable injection.

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