Application Notes

AD-0274 Method Development and Identification of Triacylglycerols Species with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Method Scouting Software Shim-pack XR-ODS III (2.2 um, 2.0 mm I.D. x 150 mm) 228-59910-91 Triacylglycerols
SSK-012 LC-MS/MS Method for Detection and Quantitation of Azido Impurities in Irbesartan Drug Substance Shim-pack GIST C18, 3um, 3.0x100 227-30009-05 AZBT, AZBC, AMBBT, AMBBC
SAIPLC052 Methods for the determination of residual veterinary drugs in Raw Milk using LCMS-8050 Shim-pack Velox C18 2.7μm 3.0x100mm 227-32010-03 Veterinary Drugs
C190-E296 Effcient Method Development by automated pH Screening with LabSolutions MD Shim-pack Scepter C18-120, 1.9um, 3.0x100 227-31013-03 Acetylsalicylic acid, Antipyrine, Naproxen, Probenecid, Diclofenac sodium, Indometacin, Metoclopramide, Papaverine hydrochloride, Quinidine, Lidocain, Dibucaine hydrochloride, Amitriptyline hydrochloride
AD-0267 Cell Culture Profiling Analysis with LC-MS/MS and Bioanalyzer for Antibody Production in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cell System Shim-pack GIST PFPP, 3um, 2.1x150 227-30858-07 cell culture metaboites
SAIPGC030 Quantitation of NDMA and NDEA in Metformin and 5 Sartan APIs as per the EDQM method Procedure B SH-I-624Sil MS Cap. Column 0.25mm, 1.4μm, 30m 221-75962-30 NDMA, NDEA
01-00479 Analysis of Aroma Compounds in Cosmetics Using the Smart Aroma Database SH-I-5Sil MS Cap. Column 0.25mm, 0.25μm, 30m 221-75954-30 Aroma compounds
01-00488 Analyzing UV-328 and Dechlorane Plus in Plastic by Pyrolyzer/Thermal Desorption-GC-MS SH-I-1MS 15m, 0.25mm, 0.1μm w/2m Integrated Guard Column 227-36346-01 UV-328, Dechlorane plus (DP)
SAIPGC035 Determination of Epichlorohydrin from Sevelamer carbonate as per proposed USP monograph GC method SH-I-5MS Cap. Column 0.53mm, 1.5μm, 30m 227-36029-02 Sevelamer carbonate, Epichlorohydrin, 2-(chloromethyl)oxirane
C215 Determination of Molecular Mass and Quantification of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Using Quadrupole Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer LCMS™-9030 Shim-pack Scepter C18-120, 1.9um, 2.0x75 227-31011-04 Oligonucleotides