Shimadzu LabTotal Vial MS Certified Kit

Part Number: 227-34001-01

Type: Certified Vial Kit

Volume: 1.5mL

Vial Size: 32 x 11.6mm

Vial Material: 1st hydrolytic class glass

Colour: Clear

Write On Spot: Yes

Vial Treatment: Low adsorption of basic compounds

Min. Vol / µL: 200

Max. Vol / mL: 1.5

Base Style: Flat Bottom

Closure Type: Screw cap (centre hole) with septum

Closure Material: PP

Closure Colour: Black

Closure Size: ND 9

Septa Material: Silicone white/PTFE red

Durometer: 55° shore A

Thickness: 1.0 mm

Certification: LCMS

Pack size: 100

  • Reduces the Adsorption of Basic Compounds on the Surface of the Glass Vial.
    This improves quantitative accuracy in the analysis of trace basic compounds.
  • Quality certificate proving suitability to LCMS / GCMS
    This product can be used as a vial for high-sensitivity analysis in GCMS and LCMS
  • Wide Mouth with Preset Cap and Septum Improves Ease of Use
     This shortens the time needed for sample preparation and reduces human error.
  • Mass Spec Quality Certificate Provided
    This confirms that there was an absence of elution components from the vial in random inspections using LC/MS and GC/MS. Therefore, this product can be used with confidence, with no concern for ghost peaks originating from the vial.

For replacement cap/septa, please use 226-84340-01