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Singapore’s Leading Supplier of Packed Column for GC

Shimadzu is the leading supplier of custom packed columns for your gas chromatography needs in Singapore. We are a global brand that provides high-quality laboratory consumables, including custom GC packed columns, for customers from different industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, forensic, food and agriculture, environmental, and more.

Selecting your Custom GC Packed Column

A packed column for GC consists of a fine-particle stationary phase that is fully packed in glass or stainless steel tubing. A GC packed column is useful and highly effective when you need to separate lighter gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and more. When selecting a packed column for your gas chromatography, you must consider the stationary phase, column length, column ID, and particle mesh size. These properties can contribute to the column performance when separating compounds. Shimadzu offers a wide range of solid support and liquid phases to meet your packed column requirements.

Custom Packed Column in Singapore from Shimadzu

Shimadzu offers comprehensive customisation services for GC packed columns, providing customers with tailored solutions to meet their specific analytical needs. Customers can customise their packed columns with a wide range of options based on a solid support material, column dimensions, coated stationary phase, and mesh size.

Tailored Packed Columns for Precise GC Analysis

Shimadzu offers customised packed column services for gas chromatography (GC) analysis. Packed columns are essential in GC systems, providing enhanced separation and retention capabilities for specific applications. With Shimadzu's customisation services, you can obtain packed columns tailored to your unique analytical needs. Our customised packed columns offer unparalleled versatility and performance, from selecting the optimal solid support material to determining the column dimensions.

Wide Variety of Solid Support Materials

Shimadzu's customised packed columns allow you to choose from various solid support materials, ensuring compatibility with your target analytes and separation requirements. The selection includes materials such as Porapak, Tenax, HayeSep, and Molecular Sieve, each offering specific advantages and characteristics for different applications. We can customise the packed column with the ideal solid support material to achieve optimal results, whether you require high thermal stability, exceptional adsorption capacity, or specific selectivity.

Column Dimensions to Match Your Requirements

The dimensions of a packed column play a crucial role in achieving efficient separation and resolution. You can specify and customise the packing material's desired diameter, length, and particle size. By tailoring the column dimensions to match your requirements, you can optimise the efficiency of your GC analysis, achieve the desired peak resolution, and improve overall analytical performance.

Coated Phases for Enhanced Selectivity

Shimadzu's customised packed columns also offer the option to choose the most suitable coated phase for your specific application. Coated phases provide additional selectivity in separation, allowing for better resolution of complex sample mixtures. Whether you require nonpolar, polar, or specialised phases, we can customise the packed column with the coating that best meets your analytical needs, ensuring accurate identification and quantification of target analytes.

Mesh Size Selection for Optimal Performance

The mesh size of the packing material is another critical factor in achieving desired separation efficiency. Shimadzu's customised packed columns allow you to select the appropriate mesh size to match the analyte size, sample matrix, and analysis requirements. By choosing the optimal mesh size, you can improve the resolution and sensitivity of your GC analysis, ensuring more accurate and reliable results.

Request for a Custom Packed Column Quotation

Packed columns remain essential for many GC applications. You can find reliable packed columns for your gas chromatography needs from ShopShimadzu. If you’re looking for a high-quality custom GC packed column for your gas chromatography, request for a quotation today by simply filling in our request form. Our customer service will inform you via email with a quotation for your custom packed column. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Packed Columns

1. What is the difference between capillary column and packed column?

In a packed column, the column is shorter in length, larger in diameter and is fully packed with porous solid particles or solid particles coated with a layer of liquid stationary phase. They generally produce broader peaks and therefore have a lower sensitivity and resolution. Most packed columns are custom-made. Visit the custom packed column request page to get your quotation. 

Capillary columns are longer in length and much narrower in diameter. They have an open tubular concept which has the stationary phase, either liquid stationary phase (WCOT column), porous particle (PLOT column) or support coated particle (SCOT column), coated on the inner wall of the capillary.

2. Should I use stainless steel or glass packed columns for GC?

Glass may seem breakable but it is a standard operating procedure to use a glass custom packed column when you are working with biochemicals and pesticides. It is recommended when you are separating compounds that tend to bind with the walls of the stainless steel column. Stainless steel packed column for GC, on the other hand, offers more durability as it won’t break during transport. It can run on a higher flow and can withstand greater pressure.

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