Shim-pack FAST OA

High-speed Organic Acid Analysis Column

In the fields of fermented food production and bio-industry, organic acid metabolites are monitored to control the activity of yeast or bacteria. The quantity of organic acids needs to be checked and the production environment adjusted accordingly in order to improve production and quality control, and these checks must be carried out in a timely manner.

The Shim-pack Fast-OA is a column for the high-speed analysis of organic acids. It can separate multiple organic acids in a short time and supports real-time monitoring of their concentration levels.

Shim-pack Fast-OA is an ion-exclusion chromatography column. Up to three columns can be connected according to the target compounds*. A guard column, the Shim-pack Fast-OA (G), can be used in combination to protect the analysis column. The guard column is a cartridge-type, and the cartridge can be replaced.

Product Brochure: Download PDF

*For details about the piping, please refer to the technical report High-Speed Analysis of Organic Acids Using Shim-pack Fast-OA and pH-Buffered Electrical Conductivity Detection (C190-E237)


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