TORAST-H Glass Vial,150uL,Clear,BlackCap,with Slit,100

Part Number: 370-04301-02

Type: Screw vial kit

Volume: 300 uL

Vial Material: 1st hydrolytic class glass

Colour: Clear

Vial Treatment: Low adsorption

Base Style: Flat Bottom

Closure Type: Screw cap (centre hole) with septum

Closure Material: PP

Closure Colour: Black

Closure Size: ND 9

Pre-slit: Yes

Certification: Yes

Pack size: 100

Lead Time: 3-5 weeks


  1. Low adsorption vessels treated specially
  2. Minimized adsorption of bases, acids and neutrals
  3. Superior quality control

TORAST -H Glass Technology eliminates the risk of adsorption to the glass surface of the vials

Glass, the material of vials, contains metal oxides. Oxides of metals have a high ionizing tendency to be Si-O-M (metal silanolate), which may cause ionic adsorption with basic compounds in the sample. TORAST-H Glass Technology uses special processing to remove metals from the glass and suppress adsorption of basic compounds.

Minimized adsorption of bases, acids & neutrals

In general, giving a positive charge to the glass surface suppresses the adsorption of the basic compounds, but conversely, it causes the adsorption of the acidic compounds. TORAST-H Glass Vials minimize adsorption of both types of compounds.

Low adsorption for long-term storage

When a sample is stored in a general vial for a long time, the sample may adsorb into the surface of the vial, causing the reproducibility to be poor. The TORAST-H Glass Vial contains low adsorption characteristics that makes it excellent for long term sample storage.

Small-Volume Vials

Insert vials (small capacity) may produce concentration gradients at the top and bottom due to sample adsorption, causing variation over time.

Small-volume vials have a large contact area; therefore, the rate of loss due to adsorption is greater than with a standard vial. TORAST-H Glass Vials shows dramatically less adsorption compared to other small-volume glass vials.


Medical Grade Packaging Materials

Reduce the adhesion of organic substances from the packaging and the formation of organic layers

Superior Quality Control

  • Hydrolytic Class 1; 51 expansion Borosilicate
  • Comes with quality certificates for lot management.
  • Shape inspection of vials, septa and caps.
  • Low adsorption performance testing for basic, acidic and neutral compounds.

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