TORAST-H Glass Vial, 1.5mL,Amber,BlackCap,with Slit,100

Part Number: 370-04300-04

Type: Screw vial kit

Volume: 1.5 mL

Vial Material: 1st hydrolytic class glass

Colour: Amber

Vial Treatment: Low adsorption

Base Style: Flat Bottom

Closure Type: Screw cap (centre hole) with septum

Closure Material: PP

Closure Colour: Black

Closure Size: ND 9

Pre-slit: Yes

Certification: Yes

Pack size: 100

Lead Time: 3-5 weeks


  1. Low adsorption vessels treated specially
  2. Minimized adsorption of bases, acids and neutrals
  3. Superior quality control

TORAST -H Glass Technology eliminates the risk of adsorption to the glass surface of the vials

Glass, the material of vials, contains metal oxides. Oxides of metals have a high ionizing tendency to be Si-O-M (metal silanolate), which may cause ionic adsorption with basic compounds in the sample. TORAST-H Glass Technology uses special processing to remove metals from the glass and suppress adsorption of basic compounds.

Minimized adsorption of bases, acids & neutrals

In general, giving a positive charge to the glass surface suppresses the adsorption of the basic compounds, but conversely, it causes the adsorption of the acidic compounds. TORAST-H Glass Vials minimize adsorption of both types of compounds.

Low adsorption for long-term storage

When a sample is stored in a general vial for a long time, the sample may adsorb into the surface of the vial, causing the reproducibility to be poor. The TORAST-H Glass Vial contains low adsorption characteristics that makes it excellent for long term sample storage.

Medical Grade Packaging Materials

Reduce the adhesion of organic substances from the packaging and the formation of organic layers

Superior Quality Control

  • Hydrolytic Class 1; 51 expansion Borosilicate
  • Comes with quality certificates for lot management.
  • Shape inspection of vials, septa and caps.
  • Low adsorption performance testing for basic, acidic and neutral compounds.

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