SHIMSEN Styra GCB/PSA 250mg/250mg/6mL 30pcs

Part Number: 380-00868-03

Chemistry: GCB/PSA

Separation mode: Carbon

Sorbent weight/mg: 250

Volume/mL: 6

Application: Pesticide residues analysis

Pack size: 30

Lead Time: 3-5 weeks

SHIMSEN Styra GCB/PSA and SHIMSEN Styra GCB/NH2 are mixed sorbent SPE cartridges consisting of graphitized carbon particles (GCB) and silica gel particles bonded with PSA or NH2 group. The GCB can remove pigments, while PSA and NH2 can remove anionic compounds. They are mainly used for the analysis of multi-pesticide residues in food samples.

Retention mechanism: Surface adsorption and anion exchange founction

They are widely used in the analysis of multiple pesticide residues in food.


Part Number Specification Pack Size
380-00868-01 500 mg / 500 mg / 6 mL 30
380-00868-02 500 mg / 500 mg /20 mL 20
380-00868-03 250 mg / 250 mg / 6 mL 30


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