TORAST-H Bio Vial with cap

Part Number: 370-04350-00

Type: Screw vial kit

Volume: 300 uL

Vial Material: Polypropylene

Colour: Transparent

Vial Treatment: Low adsorption

Base Style: Flat Bottom

Closure Type: Screw cap (centre hole) with septum

Closure Material: PP

Closure Colour: Transparent

Closure Size: ND 9

Pack size: 100

Lead Time: 3-5 weeks

Requires additional attachment 228-74331-41 when using this Bio vial on SIL-40 autosampler.


  1. Prevents the adsorption of organic compounds
  2. Reduces the adsorptive loss of the precious sample
  3. Ideal for peptide and basic compounds analysis


Reduces the adsorption of peptides

The peptide used as a medium molecule pharmaceutical product is likely to be adsorbed on the polypropylene resin by the hydrophobic interaction. The TORAST-H Bio Vial prevents the adsorption of organic compounds.