GLC Suction Filter2

Part Number: 370-02010-01

Lead Time:

  • Removes contaminants at the most upstream of HPLC system
  • Does not affect system volume
  • Available for LC/MS
  • Internal Volume ~0.7mL
  • Packing material Spherical Activated Carbon
  • Replace once a year or after flowing for 60L

The GLC Suction Filter 2 is the most upstream consumable part of a HPLC system and is useful for removing contaminants in the mobile phase.

The product is easy to install and can be replaced by the user.

Removal Effect of GLC Suction Filter 2 for LC/MS

Removal of contaminants in the mobile phase by GLC Suction Filter 2 was evaluated. A mixture of acetonitrile and water (1/9, 5/5, 9/1) was used as the mobile phases. In all case, the removal of contaminants was confirmed and
the noise level of the TIC was also reduced.

Analytical Conditions
Instruments : Nexera X2
Flow Rate : 0.2 mL /min
Detection : MS (ESI), Scan Mode (100 to 2000 m/z , positive, negative)


Take note:

  • The suction tube is not included.
  • 3mm outer diameter suction tube can be connected.
  • When using ion-pair reagents in the mobile phase, the ion-pair reagent is retained in the product, and retention time and peak shape may be affected.
  • Bleed noise from this product may be seen.
  • This product does not remove all impurities.
  • If impurities are not retained, ghost peaks may be detected. In this case, replace the product.