Ghost Trap DS


Part Number: 228-59921-92

ID (mm): 7.6

Length (mm): 30

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 35

Pack size: 2

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

Includes two cartridges and one holder

*1 Note that a delay volume equivalent to the internal volume of the product occurs if the product is installed downstream of the gradient mixer or the confluence of two pumps.
* The product service life differs according to analysis conditions, such as the mobile phase used.
* Do not use the product when using a mass spectrometer as the detector, as the product may cause bleed noise.
* In analysis using an ion-pairing reagent, the ion-pairing reagent may be retained in the product, influencing the retention time and peak shape.
* Before connecting the analytical column, be sure to thoroughly clean the flow path with mobile phase (close to the final concentration for gradient analysis).
* Note that some impurities may not be removed.
* When performing high-pressure analysis exceeding 35 MPa with a UHPLC system, connect the gradient mixer to the Ghost Trap DS-HP with pipe for UHPLC (e.g. 228-53137-97).

A new high-pressure model for the elimination of impurities from organic solvents has been added to the Ghost Trap DS* lineup.
The Ghost Trap DS* was co-developed with Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. It has been designed to effectively adsorb impurities in the mobile phase in order to reduce the time required for method development and impurity analysis.

The 100 MPa pressure resistance of the Ghost Trap DS-HP allows it to be used with UHPLC systems. This permits the effective use of the Ghost Trap DS for method development by UHPLC and subsequent transfer to conventional analysis.

Consistently Traps Impurities, Even in Organic Solvents

A major feature of the Ghost Trap DS is the ability to remove impurities, even in organic solvents. When the Ghost Trap DS is installed between the gradient mixer and autosampler in reversed phase gradient analysis, it can trap impurities from the piping and gradient mixer in addition to those from the mobile phase. The example on the right shows that it can effectively trap impurities in mobile phase when the Ghost Trap DS is installed just downstream of the gradient mixer.

Application to Quantitative Analysis of Impurities Using the Nexera UHPLC

Quantitation of a small peak covered by ghost peaks can be difficult. Effective for the quantitative analysis of impurities, the Ghost Trap DS/DS-HP effectively eliminates such ghost peaks to ensure highly accurate quantitation, even with very small target component peaks.

When the Ghost Trap DS/DS-HP is not used, quantitation of an impurity peak is difficult due to the effects of ghost peaks. The Ghost Trap DS/DS-HP effectively eliminates the ghost peaks to allow quantitation of the target component.

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