Shim-pack XR-PHENYL 2mmX50mm

Part Number: 228-59903-92

Particle size (µm): 2.2

ID (mm): 2

Length (mm): 50

USP: L11

Functional Group: Phenyl

Mode: Reversed Phase

Type: Analytical column

Pore size (nm): 12

Surface Area (m2/g): 340

End Capping: Yes

Carbon Load (%): 11

PH: 2 - 7.5

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 35

Pack size: 1

Column Name: XR-PHENYL

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

Shim-pack XR Series columns use a 2.2 μm packing particle size and offer a skillful balance between resolution efficiency and pressure. An XR Series column provides resolution equivalent to a general-purpose column with 5 μm packing particle size (Shim-pack VP-ODS), but significantly reduces the analysis time. The pressure on the column under many analysis conditions does not exceed 35 MPa. Consequently, ultrafast analysis can be comfortably performed on an existing instrument.

Shim-pack XR-ODS Permits Simple Switching from Conventional Analysis

The two chromatograms show differences in analysis times when using different columns. The lower chromatogram is the result of analysis using a Shimadzu Shim-pack VP-ODS general-purpose column. The upper chromatogram is from analysis with a Shim-pack XR-ODS fast analysis column. As both Shim-pack VP-ODS and Shim-pack XR-ODS offer identical resolution properties, Shim-pack XR-ODS maintains the resolution while significantly reducing analysis times.


Analysis Examples

Analysis of Fat-Soluble Vitamins

The fat-soluble vitamins E (tocopherol) and A (retinol) were analyzed. The Shim-pack XR-C8 column achieves higher speed than a conventional C8 column.

Analysis of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug

The column was switched from Shim-pack XR-ODS to Shim-pack XR-Phenyl to improve the resolution. The difference in retention properties between the ODS group and the phenylpropyl group improves the peak shape, controls the resolution, and reduces the analysis time.


Fast Normal-Phase Analysis

Organic solvents are used as the mobile phase for normal-phase analysis. Due to environmental considerations, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of mobile phase compared with normal reversed-phase analysis. The Shim-pack XR-SIL silica column increases the speed of normal-phase analysis while reducing the consumption of mobile phase. In this example, the analysis time is reduced by 80 % while maintaining the flow rate, thereby reducing the overall mobile phase consumption to 20 % or less.


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