Shim-pack IC-C4_edited

Shim-pack IC-C4

Part Number: 228-41616-91

Particle size (µm): 7

ID (mm): 4.6

Length (mm): 150

Functional Group: Carboxyl group

Mode: Ion Chromatography

Type: Analytical column

Guard Column: 228-59900-91

Related item: 228-59900-92

Pack size: 1

Guard Column set: 228-59900-91

Replacement cartridge: 228-59900-92

Ion chromatography (IC) is used for analysis of inorganic and organic ions. It is categorized as suppressor IC and non-suppressor IC.
Non-suppressor IC is composed of a conventional HPLC system combined with a conductivity detector, while suppressor IC requires an extra suppressor.


Shim-pack IC-C4 is a cation analysis column for non-suppressor IC. Because the pH of the mobile phase can be changed by selecting a different combination of acid and base in eluent, non-suppressor IC enables various kinds of analysis.

High Resolution of Na+ and NH4+

Greater resolution of Na+ and NH4+ has been achieved by improving the peak shape of Na+. The influence on the peak shape of NH4+ from a high concentration of Na+ has been reduced, making it possible to analyze tap water of normal concentration under standard mobile phase conditions. The resolution can be further improved by using a mobile phase treated with 18-crown-6 additive.


Flexible Mobile Phase Selection

Due to the features of non-suppressor IC, flexible mobile phase composition can be used. Besides normal inorganic cations, Shim-pack IC-C4 is capable of analyzing transition metals by using a mixed mobile phase.