R227-36303-01_01_SH-I Guard
R227-36303-01_01_SH-I Guard

SH Guard Column Base Deactivated, 5m, 0.25mm ID x 0.37mm OD

Part Number: 227-36334-01

Length (m): 5

ID (mm): 0.25

Phase: SH Guard column base deactivated

Max. Temp (℃): 315

Content: 1 pc

Lead Time: 3 - 5 weeks

  • Tested with a basic amine test mix.
  • Excellent inertness for basic compounds.
  • Recommended for use with SH-5 Amine, SH-35 Amine, SH-Volatile Amine, and SH-PolarX capillary columns.
  • Batch test chromatogram included.
  • Maximum temperature: 315 °C.

Chemists using guard columns in the analyses of basic compounds frequently observe peak tailing and low recovery. This happens because conventionally deactivated tubing surfaces can be adsorptive to basic compounds. Shimadzu offers basedeactivated guard columns, as well as base-deactivated inlet liners, for completely inert sample pathways.

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