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SH-I-35Sil MS Cap. Column 0.25mm, 1μm, 30m

Part Number: 227-36053-02

Length (m): 30

ID (mm): 0.25

Film thickness (µm): 1

USP: G42

Phase: SH-I-35Sil MS

Composition: Crossbond phase (similar to (35%-phenyl)-methyl polysiloxane)

Polarity: Mid polarity

Temp. Range (℃): 50 to 320/340

Max. Temp (℃): 320/340

Content: 1 pc

Lead Time: 3 - 5 weeks

  • Mid-polarity: Crossbond™ phase (similar to 35% phenyl methyl polysiloxane)
  • Very low-bleed phase for GCMS analysis.
  • Special selectivity and excellent inertness for substituted polar compounds, such as drugs, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, phenols, etc.
  • Provides superior separation for cannabinoids.
  • Similar phases: DB-35ms, DB-35ms UI, VF-35ms

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