227-35400-01_227-35401-01_Xtra life microsyringe

Xtra life micro-syringe, 5uL, Titanium alloy plunger

Part Number: 227-35401-01

Type: Fixed Needle Syringe

Needle Tip Style: Cone

PTFE Tipped Plunger: No

Needle Length (mm): 43

Needle Gauge: 23G

Needle OD (mm): 0.64

Needle ID (mm): 0.12

Usage: AOC-20/30

Syringe Volume: 5 μL

Needle Length (): 43

Lead Time: 3 - 5 weeks

Fixed needle syringe with super flexible titanium alloy plunger. They are resistant to bending and sliding friction for extended lifetime, even with water soluble samples. Plunger and barrel are machined for an exact fit, so they are not interchangeable with another syringe if either part is damaged.

Syringe Volume Min. Sample 
Needle Length (mm) Needle Gauge Needle OD (mm) Needle ID (mm) Needle tip P/N
5 μL 0.1 μL 43 23 0.64 0.15 Cone 227-35401-01
10 μL 0.2 μL 43 23 0.64 0.15 Cone 227-35400-01

Anti-Corrosion - Xtra Life Headspace Syringe

In the analysis of Blood that has an added strong acid, corrosion of the Headspace needle causes not only deterioration of analysis accuracy but also risk of unexpected system downtime due to needle clogging.

The use of acid-resistant Xtra Life syringe reduces corrosion and enables long-term stable analysis