Glass Insert with Deactivated Wool (20mg) for Split, 5 pcs

Part Number: 227-35015-01

Method: For Split

I.D. (mm): 3.5

O.D. (mm): 5

Length (mm): 95

With wool: Yes

Qty per pack: 5

Brand: Shimadzu

This is a special liner for aqueous solutions, system suitability requirements were satisfied, and good repeatability was obtained.

When using a special liner for aqueous solutions repeatedly, it is recommended that it is replaced after 50 to 100 injections.

Typical applications to analyze aqueous solutions:

  • G333: Alcohol Determination of Sanitizer Gel in accordance with USP<611>
  • G315: Analysis of Ethanol in alcoholic beverages Using Nexis GC-2030

Liner volume is approx. 863uL