Shim-pack Bio IEX SP-NP, 5um, 4.6x100

Part Number: 227-31006-03

Particle size (µm): 5

ID (mm): 4.6

Length (mm): 100

Functional Group: Sulfopropyl

Mode: Cation Exchange

Type: Analytical column

PH: 2 - 12

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 12

Pack size: 1

Column Name: Bio IEX SP-NP

Shim-pack Bio IEX Columns are available in Q (quaternary ammonium) and SP (sulfopropyl) chemistries and are based on porous (Q and SP columns) and non-porous (Q-NP and SP-NP columns) hydrophilic polymers with low nonspecific adsorption. The porous particles offer excellent binding capacity with exceptionally high efficiency and the non-porous particles offer high efficiency and exceptional resolution.

Charge Variant Analysis of mAb Biosimilar by pH Gradient using Shim-pack Bio IEX Column

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