Shim-pack G_250mm_A
Shim-pack G_250mm_A
Shim-pack G_250mm_A
Shim-pack G_250mm_A

Shim-pack GIST PFPP, 3um, 1.5x250

Part Number: 227-30857-06

Particle size (µm): 3

ID (mm): 1.5

Length (mm): 250

USP: L43

Functional Group: PFPP

Mode: Reversed Phase

Type: Analytical column

Guard Column: 227-30874-01

Guard Column Holder: 227-30532-01

Pore size (nm): 10

Surface Area (m2/g): 350

End Capping: Yes

Carbon Load (%): 10

PH range: 2 - 7.5

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 20

Related item: 227-30874-02

Pack size: 1

Column Name: GIST PFPP

Guard Column set: 227-30874-02

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

Excellent Retention of Highly Polar Bases

Shim-pack GIST PFPP delivers unique separation patterns by multiple interactions such as π-π, dipole, hydrogen bonding and ionic interactions with ultra high inertness and stability which are characteristics of Shim-pack GIST Series. One of the characteristics of Shim-pack GIST PFPP column is its extremely strong retention capability highly polar basic compounds. In addition, the inertness of Shim-pack GIST PFPP columns offer excellent peak symmetry for compounds that commonly adsorb to conventional column packing.