Solar column4

Shim-pack Solar C18, 5um, 4.6x150mm

Part Number: 227-30600-01

Column Name: Solar C18

Particle size (µm): 5

ID (mm): 4.6

Length (mm): 150


Functional Group: C18

Mode: Reversed Phase

Type: Analytical column

End Capping: Yes

Carbon Load (%): 15

PH range: 2-9

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 20

Pack size: 1

Pore size (mL/g): 1.0

Shim-pack Solar C18 and C8 columns are packed with high purity silica gel or inertness. The silica gel has higher surface area and fully end-capped with good hydrophobic retention, low absorption of ionic compounds and good peak shapes. Highly uniform particles ensure stable mobile phase delivery and low pressure. The Shim-pack Solar LC columns have a wide pH range of 2 to 9, suitable for a wide range of method development.

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