Shim-pack G_100-125mm_A
Shim-pack G_100-125mm_A
Shim-pack G_100-125mm_A
Shim-pack G_100-125mm_A

Shim-pack GIS CN, 3um, 3.0x100

Part Number: 227-30255-05

Particle size (µm): 3

ID (mm): 3

Length (mm): 100

USP: L10

Functional Group: CN

Mode: Normal Phase

Type: Analytical column

Guard Column: 227-30272-01

Guard Column Holder: 227-30532-01

Pore size (nm): 10

Surface Area (m2/g): 450

End Capping: No

Carbon Load (%): 14

PH range: 2 - 7.5

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 20

Related item: 227-30272-02

Pack size: 1

Column Name: GIS CN

Guard Column set: 227-30272-02

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

Shim-pack GIS CN is capable of either normal phase or reversed phase analysis. Cyanopropryl groups bonded to silica gel with high density increases the difference recognition of hydrophilicity and the stability. Due to no end-capping, it is capable of analysis utilizing cyano group characteristics. In reversed phase mode, separation can be achieved for those compounds that could not be separated on straight-chain-alkyl columns, such as C18 or C8 bonded phases. When using the column for reversed phase mode, fully equilibrate the column before use.

Analysis Examples