Shim-pack GIST C8, 5um, 3.0x20

Part Number: 227-30171-01

Particle size (µm): 5

ID (mm): 3

Length (mm): 20


Functional Group: C8

Mode: Reversed Phase

Type: Analytical column

Guard Column: 227-30188-01

Guard Column Holder: 227-30532-01

Pore size (nm): 10

Surface Area (m2/g): 350

End Capping: Yes

Carbon Load (%): 8

PH range: 1 - 10

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 20

Related item: 227-30188-02

Pack size: 1

Column Name: GIST C8

Guard Column set: 227-30188-02

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

Shim-pack GIST C8 is packed with high-purity porous spherical silica for delivering the same extreme inertness to elute either basic or acidic compounds without undesired adsorption. Low retentivity and no sample adsorption enable analysis of natural samples.
Shim-pack GIST C8 is the ideal choice for the rapid analysis of hydrophobic compounds.

Analysis Examples