Shim-pack STR ODS-II- Holder for Guard Cartridge (with Adaptor) For 5×2.0 mm column

Part Number: 226-80095-91

Type: Guard column holder

Pack size: 1

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

  • The effects of metal oxides are suppressed to a minimum due to the use of highly-purified silica gel as a base material in the STR series.
  • STR series columns are durable due to the use of mechanically strong silica gel.
  • STR series columns are highly resistant to acidic and basic mobile phases.
  • STR series columns are easy to operate and display high levels of performance due to low analytical operating pressures.
  • Excellent end capping technology provides sharp peak shapes for basic and acidic compounds, and for samples which form complexes with metals.