1.5ml Screw-thread Clear Vial with write on spot, Red cap with PTFE/white Silicone Septa , 100/pack

Part Number: 226-54110-33

Volume: 1.5mL

Vial Size: 32 x 11.6mm

Vial Material: 1st hydrolytic class glass

Colour: Clear

Write On Spot: Yes

Min. Vol / µL: 200

Max. Vol / mL: 2

Base Style: Flat Bottom

Closure Type: Screw cap (centre hole) with septa

Closure Material: PP

Closure Colour: Red

Closure Size: ND 9

Septa Material: PTFE red/Silicone white, Ultra-Clean

Durometer: 55° shore A

Thickness: 1.0 mm

Related item: 226-54110-11, 226-54113-01

Pack size: 100

Usage: Sample vial kit

Replacement for 226-54110-31