Hydrocarbon filter

Part Number: 226-50756-00

Type: Hydrocarbon Filter

Filter Model: Base Plate Filter

Filter Media Type: Hydrocarbon

Outlet gas Quality (%): > 99.9999

Max. Pressure (psi): 11

Max. Flow (L): 7

Usable For2: Inert carrier gas, He, H2, N2, Ar, Air

Dimensions: 24 cm × Ø 4.4 cm

Weight (kg): 0.26

Estimated lifetime: > 2 years

Capacity (Hydrocarbon): 12 g (as n-butane)

Qty: 1

Pack size: 1

Lead Time: 3 - 5 weeks

Use a hydrocarbon trap if your gas has a potential source of hydrocarbon contaminants or if you suspect you are observing carrier gas ghost peaks. Install the hydrocarbon trap after the moisture trap, to prevent moisture from degrading the hydrocarbon-trapping ability of the activated carbon in the hydrocarbon trap.

P/N Description
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226-50756-00 Hydrocarbon Filter
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