Moisture filter

Part Number: 226-50754-00

Type: Moisture Filter

Filter Model: Base Plate Filter

Filter Media Type: Moisture

Outlet gas Quality (%): > 99.9999

Max. Pressure (psi): 11

Max. Flow (L): 7

Usable For2: Inert carrier gas, He, H2, N2, Ar, Air

Dimensions: 24 cm × Ø 4.4 cm

Weight (kg): 0.26

Estimated lifetime: > 2 years

Capacity (H2O): 7.2 g

Qty: 1

Pack size: 1

Lead Time: 3 - 5 weeks

Moisture in carrier gas lines will prematurely degrade oxygen and hydrocarbon traps and increase detector noise. As a precaution, we higly recommend installing a moisture trap before the hydrocarbon and oxygen traps on all carrier gas lines.

Part number Description
226-50754-00 Moisture Filter
226-50755-00 Oxygen Filter
226-50756-00 Hydrocarbon Filter
226-50757-00 Carbon Dioxide Filter