Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Filter

Part Number: 226-50751-00

Type: Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Filter

Filter Model: Base Plate Filter

Filter Media Type: Oxygen, Moisture, Hydrocarbon

Outlet gas Quality (%): > 99.9999

Max. Pressure (psi): 11

Max. Flow (L): 7

Usable For2: Inert carrier gas, He, H2, N2, Ar

Dimensions: 24 cm × Ø 4.4 cm

Weight (kg): 0.26

Estimated lifetime: > 2 years

Capacity (H2O): 1.8 g

Capacity (O2): 75 mL

Capacity (Hydrocarbon): 4 g (as n-butane)

Qty: 1

Pack size: 1

The Triple trap is ideal for purifying carrier gas. It contains oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbon scrubbers in one easy to change economical cartridge

This trap is used in GC/FID and GC/MS filter set.


Part number Description
226-50751-00 Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Filter
226-50752-00 Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Helium-specific Filter
226-50752-10 Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Hydrogen-specific Filter