1 Triple (Oxygen/Moisture/Hydrocarbon) Helium-specific Filter Kit - 1/8" SS

Part Number: 226-50712-00

Type: GC/MS Triple Filter Kit - Hellium

Usable For: GC/MS, GC/ECD, GC/TCD

Filter Model: Base Plate Filter

Filter Media Type: Oxygen, Moisture, Hydrocarbon

Fitting Type: 1/8" SS

Gas Specific Cartridge: Helium

Kit Content: 226-50752-00, 226-50771-00

Qty: 1

Volumetric weight: 5.365

Pack size: 1

The triple combination filter kit is ideal for purifying GC/MS carrier gases. It contains oxygen, moisture and hydrocarbon scrubbers in one easy to change economical cartridge.


Type P/N Description
Installation Kit 226-50710-00 Shimadzu 1 Triple (O2/H20/HC) Filter Kit - 1/8" SS
Installation Kit 226-50712-00 Shimadzu 1 Triple (O2/H20/HC) Helium-specific Filter Kit - 1/8" SS
Installation Kit 226-50740-00 Shimadzu 1 Triple (O2/H20/HC) Hydrogen-specific Filter Kit - 1/8" SS
Replacement filter 226-50751-00 Shimadzu Triple (O2/H2O/HC) Filter
Replacement filter 226-50752-00 Shimadzu Triple (O2/H2O/HC) Helium-specific Filter
Replacement filter 226-50752-10 Shimadzu Triple (O2/H2O/HC) Hydrogen-specific Filter