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226-50001-99_direct connect filter holder with frit

UHPLC 0.2um Pre-column filter set, 0.062" (Frit + holder)


Part Number: 226-50001-99

Type: Holder with frit

Porosity (um): 0.2

Pack size: 1

Frit Porosity: 0.2 micron

Pressure Rating: 18,000 PSI (0.062" dia. and 0.125" dia.), 10,000 PSI (0.188" dia.)

Dead Volume: 1.8 µL (0.062" dia.), 3.5 µL (0.125" dia.), 7.3 µL (0.188" dia.)

Frit Material: 316 Stainless Steel

Port: 10-32 Port (1/16" CPI)

Male Threads: 10-32 Threads

In high throughput and routine HPLC separations where mobile phase and sample contamination cause a decrease in column performance or premature column failure, this Pre-column filter will maintain the efficiency of high perfrmance columns and ensure a negligible loss of resolution. This filter can be finger tighten, then wrench tighten an additional 1/4 - 1/2 turn.

For replacement filter, please refer to 226-50001-05

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