R227-36303-01_01_SH-I Guard

SH-Q-BOND PLOT Column 0.53mm, 20μm, 30m

Part Number: 221-75765-30

Length (m): 30

ID (mm): 0.53

Film thickness (µm): 20

Phase: SH-Q-BOND

Composition: 100% divinylbenzene

Polarity: Non-polar

Temp. Range (℃): to 280/300

Max. Temp (℃): 280/300

Content: 1 pc

  • Non-polar PLOT column incorporating 100% divinylbenzene.
  • Excellent for analysis of C1 to C3 hydrocarbons as well as isomers and alkanes up to C12.
  • High retention for CO2 simplifies gas analysis; CO2 and methane separated from O2/N2/CO. (Note: O2/N2/CO not separated at ambient temperature.)
  • Use for analysis of oxygenated compounds and solvents.
  • Similar phases: HP-PLOT Q, CP-PoraPLOT Q, CP-PoraBOND Q, Supel-Q PLOT, Rt-Q-BOND