Replacement plunger for 221-75202-01

Part Number: 221-75202-03

Type: MEPS Plunger

PTFE Tipped Plunger: Yes

Usage: AOC-5000 Plus

Lead Time: 3 - 5 weeks

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Part No.: 221-75202-01

GC syringes

MEPS™ is Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent and is used for sample preparation and handling. MEPS is the miniaturization of conventional SPE packed bed devices from milliliter bed volumes to microliter volumes. The MEPS approach to sample preparation is suitable for reversed phases, normal phases, mixed mode or ion exchange chemistries. MEPS is available in a variety of common SPE phases. SAMPLE SIZE AND SENSITIVITY Sample volumes may be as little as 10 μL, or by taking multiple aliquots of 100 μL or 250 μL, samples of 1 mL or larger may be concentrated. AUTOMATION Extract samples and make injections on-line using a single device, reducing sample processing times and the need for operator intervention. SORBENT LIFE BIN life is dependent on the specific matrix being analyzed. For example, C18 analysis of whole plasma samples is conservatively 25-100 samples before the BIN needs to be changed. BIN life of cleaner samples is significantly longer. CARRYOVER The small quantity of phase in the MEPS BIN is easily and effectively washed between samples to reduce the possibility of carryover. This washing process is not practical with off-line SPE devices. With automated MEPS, washing occurs while the previous sample is running.  FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO USE The dimensions of the sorbent bed ensure performance remains identical to conventional SPE devices when used for extraction of similar samples. The AOC-MEPS system was developed to incorporate MEPS into a process automation workflow, combining sample preparation and analysis in a single platform.  When automated by an AOC-MEPS system, the injection volume is much larger compared to the commonly used GC injection volumes of 1 - 2 μL. With AOC-MEPS, the typical injections are 50 to 200 μL of elution solvent. A large volume injection technique that removes the solvent volume from inside the injector unit while condensing the target compounds should be employed.

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