Press tight connector set

Part Number: 221-38102-92

Lead Time: 3 - 5 Weeks

Press-Tight™ Connector (5 pcs with 5 g polyimide resin)

This connector is used to connect capillary columns easily by inserting the columns into the connector from both ends. When the columns are coated with polyimide resin, the connection will remain tight almost permanently and will be completely free of leakage. Applicable to 0.35 mm to 0.8 mmOD capillary columns.

This product is usable up to the maximum temperature of your columns—not to exceed 350 °C.

Main usage:

  • Connection of broken capillary columns
    The connectors are unobtrusive.
  • On-column sample injection
    Any capillary columns can be used in on-column injection mode by connecting a short wide-bore capillary columns to the inlet of the column
  • Retention gap method
    An about 2 meters long capillary tube with no stationary phase, which is connected to the head of analytical capillary column, prevents peaks from being split
  • Column conditioning
    A short capillary tube, which is connected to the outlet of the column, prevents air (oxygen) from diffusing into the column, thus preventing the deterioration of liquid phase which is kept at a high temperature
  • Stable storing of capillary columns
    Deterioration by air and contamination can be prevented by connecting the both ends with a capillary tube.

restek # 20445