EXP guard cartridges_edited
EXP guard cartridges_edited

Nexleaf CBX for Potency,2.7um,Guard Cartridge,3/pkt

Part Number: APASSI-2209152572

Particle size (µm): 2.7

ID (mm): 4.6

Length (mm): 5

Type: Guard column cartridge

Guard Column Holder: APASSI-2209152573

PH: 2 - 8

Pressure Tolerance (MPa): 60

Pack size: 3

Lead Time: 4 - 6 weeks

The NexLeaf CBX Guard can be used with any NexLeaf for Potency and Pesticide column.

The 5mm packed bed provides column protection from both particulates and matrix components, which is more effective than using just a pre-column filter.

Requires NexLeaf Guard Holder 220-91525-73.