imtakt corp

Intrada Amino Acid column 150mm x 2mm, 3um

Part Number: APAIMT-WAA25

Particle size (µm): 3

ID (mm): 2

Length (mm): 150

Pack size: 1

Lead Time: 2 - 4 weeks

The Intrada series of columns are designed primarily for biologics. With a growing trend toward the use of peptides and proteins in pharmaceutical and other therapeutics, the Intrada family of columns is designed to address the chromatographic needs of these researchers. Whether you are looking to separate proteins, peptides or amino acids, the Intrada Series of columns has a solution for you.

  • LC-MS analysis of Amino Acids without derivatization
  • Full chromatographic resolution of isobaric compounds like LEU and ILE
  • Optimized stationary phase for the separation of amino acids and other amine-containing compounds
  • Normal phase ligand + Ion exchange
  • Can separate 55 amino acids in ten minutes
  • High throughput Amino Acid analysis in under 1 min

Separation of Amino Acids under 10mins using LC-MS/MS