Column Coupler Delrin® (Swept Volume: 1.3 ul, Thru hole: 170 um)

Part Number: APAIDX-U284

Can be reused (re swaged): Yes

Pressure rating (psi): 5000

Pressure rating (bar): 345

Spanner tightened: Finger tightened.

Tubing used on: PEEK

Pack size: 1

Our Delrin Column Coupler delivers a low swept-volume connection while maintaining column efficiency. Our couplers are an excellent option for reducing overall flow path volume while coupling two devices together. It is manufactured from Delrin giving is excellent chemical resistance. It has a swept volume of 1.3uL,a thru-hole of .007 and a 10-32 coned port configuration. It comes with (2) F-200 Delrin Fittings.

Below photo shows connection of Scepter column to guard holder using Delrin coupler.