Ion Chromatography columns

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    Description: Ion chromatography (IC) is used for analysis of inorganic and organic ions. It is categorized as suppressor IC and non-suppressor IC. Non-suppressor IC is composed of a conventional HPLC system combined with a conductivity detector, while suppressor IC requires an extra suppressor.  

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    Description: Shim-pack IC-Bromate guard column. For Bromate analysis column, please find 228-46884-91

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    Description: Shim-pack IC-SA4 (150 mmL × 4.6 mmI.D., 3.5 μm) To be used for analysis of Anions in Water No guard column required

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    Description: Guard column (Cartridge +holder) for for Shim-pack IC-C4  For replacement cartridge, please use 228-59900-92

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    Description: Replacement guard cartridge for Shim-pack IC-C4  For cartridge and holder, please use 228-59900-91  

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