June 29, 2022

New Shimadzu Hollow Cathode Lamps - WondaLamp !

The basic principle of atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) is to atomise elements present in a sample and to subsequently let the atoms interact with element specific light provided by a hollow cathode lamp. Different categories of lamps are available for Shimadzu's AA-7000 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer. Standard single element lamps and multi-element lamps support the deuterium background correction technique (BGC-D2). For superior background correction, Self-Reversal Method lamps are applicable (BGC-SR).


  1. Good brightness stability
  2. Economical and cost-effective
  3. Good Service Life time.
  4. Life time 5000mA*hrs


Part number Description Measured Element Wavelength/nm Max. Operating Current/mA 
APASGL-820038422 WondaLamp,L233-19NB K Potassium (K) 766.5 10
APASGL-820038405 WondaLamp,L233-20NU Ca Calcium (Ca) 422.7 12
APASGL-820038407 WondaLamp,L233-24NB Cr Chromium (Cr) 357.9 12
APASGL-820038415 WondaLamp,L233-28NQ Ni Nickel (Ni) 232.0 16
APASGL-820038408 WondaLamp,L233-29NB Cu Copper (Cu) 324.7 10
APASGL-820038413 WondaLamp,L233-25NU Mn Manganese (Mn) 279.5 12
APASGL-820038410 WondaLamp,L233-26NU Fe Iron (Fe) 248.3 16