Product Details

Microseal Kit for Shimadzu 2010 & 2025 ports


Part Number: 226-80002-10

Qty per pack: 1

Injection setting temperature: 400°C

Lead Time: 3 - 5 weeks

Includes: Microseal nut, adapter, O-ring support, 2 size 004 Viton O-rings, 2 Microseals.

The Merlin Microseal is a microvalve alternative to the conventional silicone rubber septa used in gas chromatography (GC). The design allows the needle to slide through the sealing elements of the Microseal without piercing or puncturing any material or shedding particles into the liner. This eliminates contamination of the inlet liner with septum particles which produce septum bleed "ghost peaks" and which may adsorb or react with sensitive sample components. Its unique design gives it high pressure capability and resistance to wear which results in long life and excellent chromatographic performance.

Operating Requirements:
Use only 23 ga (0.63 mm, .025" dia.) cone tip syringe needles or SPME probes.
Note that SPME probes are available in both 23 and 24 ga. The 24 ga. probes will not seal reliably with the Microseal.

Recommended Operating Conditions:
Injection port temperatures: 50 - 450 C.
Pressure: 3 - 100 psi (20 - 700 kPa)